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Inter Napa College

tipo di università: collegi
stato di università: non statali


InterNapa College
4 Griva Digeni AV,
P.O. Box 35004, Sotira 5390
Telephone: 00-357-23829840/41

INC's mission is to continue to develop as a college of higher education by fostering a learning environment where students, faculty, personnel and stakeholders strive ethically to achieve their goals and fulfil their social responsibilities. We at INC will dedicate all our efforts to providing students personal support to excel academically, professionally and socially for today and the future.


The College's strategic goals guide decisions for the future development of the institution.

  • INC's major objective is to transmit knowledge, pursue truth and honesty, and encourage intellectual and moral development.
  • To offer quality programs which integrate liberal arts and science, with professional preparation.
  • To achieve the academic purpose through teaching, scholarly activity, analysis, debate, study and service.
  • To provide a network of personnel and faculty who are always available to offer support to students experiencing either academic and/or personal issues.
  • To prepare students to function effectively in a multicultural environment.
  • To develop students' capacity to think, act and behave democratically.
  • To select and retain qualified faculty and support their development.
  • To support the educational programs through adequate human, physical and financial resources.
  • Financial adequacy to support the future growth of the institution.
  • To act as incubators of ideas and knowledge transferors and contribute to society and the business community through programs that will support the general development and welfare of Cyprus.
  • To be acknowledged as an established accredited tertiary education institution offering a range of academic and vocational programs.
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